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ROMPOX® DRAIN - The permeable paving joint mortar

ROMPOX® - DRÄN is a highly water permeable synthetic resin based 2 component paving joint mortar.

This has been our classic product since it was first developed. ROMPOX® - DRAIN is used all around the house, especially in driveways and parking spaces in front of the house.   Almost all natural and concrete stones as well as slabs can be jointed, from joint widths of at least 5 mm and thus protect your paved stone surface permanently against weedgrowth.

During the initial period after jointing using a 2 component epoxy resin paving joint mortar, a thin film of synthetic resin remains on the stone surface, which intensifies the colour of the stones and protects against dirt. This film disappears over time due to weathering of the surface and abrasion.

Using the highly water permeable paving joint mortar ROMPOX® - DRAIN you can do your part for the environment. You will be strengthening your surfaces, paths and driveways without sealing them! That is why many communities support ecological surface strenthening by providing grants or reduced drainage fees.


Rompox Drain Mix
1. Mix

Pour 50 lbs sand plus Drain / DRÄN components into the mixing tub and start the mixing process. Whilst mixing, slowly add the separately packaged components completely into the mixture.

Rompox Drain Add Water
2. Add Water

After mixing for 3 minutes add water according to the product package and continue mixing well for at least 3 minutes.

Rompox Drain Pre Wet
3. Pre-Wet

Pre-wet the surface.   Porous surfaces as well as higher surface temperatures, require more intense pre-wetting.

Rompox Drain Wash in
4. Wash in

Apply the mixed paving jointing mortar onto the well moistened surface and work it carefully into the joints using a squeegee/rubber slider.   The mortar is poured out at three or four spots within the jointing area in order to make best use of the fluidity of the paving jointing mortar.

Rompox Drain Sweep off
5. Brush off

After approx. 10 – 15 minutes the excess mortar on the surface of the stones can be swept off carefully with a large, coarse broom.

Rompox Drain Final Cleaning
6. Final Cleaning

The correct moment for sweeping, is when white smears no longer form on the stone surface during sweeping.   Sweeping should be done diagonally to the joint.   Do not re-use swept off material.

Our paving joint mortar ROMPOX® - DRAIN is ...

  • for light traffic loads up to 3 t
  • for jointwidths from 5 mm
  • for jointdepths from 30 mm
  • fulfills the criteria of the usage category 2 acc. to ZTV road construction

ROMPOX® - DRAIN is available in the following colours:

  • neutral
  • stone grey
  • basalt

Standard container: 26,8 kg sack

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