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ROMPOX® - D1 - The proven paving joint mortar

Our proven 2 component epoxy resin paving joint mortar ROMPOX® - D1 is a real all rounder.

Thanks to it’s good flow capacity, it can be used for joint widths from 3 mm. The flow capacity also makes it suitable for use with polygonal slabs, which often have uneven edges and conical joints and are hard to joint. It can be used in drive- and entryways, as it can withstand loads up to 7,5 tons and is suitable for the repair of old paved stone surfaces. Jointing polygonal slabs and crazy paving, can be done whilst standing by washing in the product onto the unbonded surface.


Rompox D1 Mix
1. Mix

Pour 50 lbs sand plus D1 components into the mixing tub and start the mixing process.   Whilst mixing, slowly add the separately packaged components completely into the mixture.

Rompox D1 Add Water
2. Add Water

After mixing for 3 minutes add approx. 1 gallon/4 liters of water and continue mixing well for at least 3 minutes.

Rompox D1 Pre Wet
3. Pre-Wet

Pre-wet the surface.   Porous surfaces as well as higher surface temperatures, require more intense pre-wetting.

Rompox D1 Squeegee in
4. Squeegee in

Apply the mixed paving jointing mortar onto the well moistened surface and work it carefully into the joints using a squeegee/rubber slider.   The mortar is poured out at three or four spots within the jointing area in order to make best use of the fluidity of the paving jointing mortar.

Rompox D1 Brush off
5. Brush off

After approx. 10 – 15 minutes the excess mortar on the surface of the stones can be swept off carefully with a large, coarse broom.

Rompox D1 Final Cleaning
6. Final Cleaning

The correct moment for sweeping, is when white smears no longer form on the stone surface during sweeping.   Sweeping should be done diagonally to the joint.   Do not re-use swept off material.

ROMPOX® - D1 is ...

  • for medium traffic loads up to 7,5 t
  • for joint widths from 3 mm
  • for joint depths from 30 mm
  • fulfills the criteria of the usage category 3 acc. to ZTV road construction
  • Colours: neutral, stone grey, basalt
  • Standard container: 27,5 kg sack and 30 kg bucket

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